Can I create a TinyURL with an alias?

A URL Alias allows you to create a new name for your TinyURL. Aliases are created so that the URL is short, clear, and easy to remember.

TinyURL Alias:

This is the system generated Alias that TinyURL creates after you shorten your URL.

Custom Alias:

You may create a custom alias that can be intuitive and descriptive of your TinyURL.

  1. Login to your TinyURL account.

  2. Enter the long URL of the destination site and the custom alias you'd like to use for your TinyURL.

tinyurl_sc_visitor view-a.png
  1. After clicking MakeTinyURL! button, your long URL is now shortened with a custom alias.
custom alias output.png

You can now copy to your clipboard, share through Social media platforms or use the QR code generated for your TinyURL!

Last updated on 2nd August 2023

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