How to create Redirect in Squarespace

For a redirect in Squarespace to work, you must ensure that the new URL exists. The original URL must be deleted, disabled or updated with a new URL.

URL Redirects

You can only redirect from built-in and custom domains connected to your Squarespace site.

  1. From you site, navitage to the Home Menu and click Settings.
squarespace menu.png
  1. Go to Advanced and then click on URL Mappings.
squarespace advanced.png
  1. Click into the text field and add your redirects.
squarespace URL map.jpeg
  1. Below are the redirect formats that you must ensure is entered correctly into the URL Mapping text field:

    To create a redirect for one page:

     		/old-url -> /new-url 301				

    To redirect a collection of pages, such as /blog/example-post, use the name variable when creating a redirect:

     		/blog/[name] -> /posts/[name] 301

    To redirect a URL to another domain:

     		/example -> 301
  2. Click on Save to confirm your changes.

Last updated on 8th January 2021

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