What information is captured on my dashboard?

Your TinyURL Dashboard will include the following information.

Link management

URL Link : This is the original URL converted to a TinyURL.

Destination : The original URL that is being shortened, usually too long or contains additional characters.

Alias : Shortened and friendly version of the URL that be can be shared with users.

Active Links : Number of TinyURLs that have been actively clicked within specified time period.


Click : When someone follows your link to load a web page.

Human Clicks : Authentic clicks by real people identified by User Agent or IP address.

Bot Clicks : Clicks that originate from automated systems.

Unique Clicks : Are the first click of the URL by a user.

Non-Unique Clicks: Clicks that occur when a specific link is repeatedly clicked.

Unique Visitors: Refers to the audience that clicked the links identified by IP address.

Referrer : Provides information as to how a user found a link they clicked on.


Traffic Over Time : Signifies the clicks plotted over a specified time.

Traffic by Region : Signifies the clicks plotted with a global view down to countries and sub-regions.

Most Popular Days and Time : Indicates the day or time where URLs are clicked the most.

Top Browser : Shows the browser used when a user clicks on a link, identified through user agent string.

Top Devices : Shows devices used to click the link, identifies device through user agent string.

Top Platform : Shows operating system used to click the link, identifies device through user agent string.

Top Languages : Shows language of user who cliked on the link, identified through language setting.

Last updated on 17th April 2023

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