How to edit your TinyURL Links

Especially useful when you've updated your website, you want to change your TinyURL alias or point to a new destination altogether, these can be done quickly through your TinyURL dashboard.

Note that editing your TinyURL is only available for paid accounts. If you created a TinyURL with our legacy site, please check How to Create a Redirect for your TinyURL.

  1. Select the URL you want to update from your recent TinyURLs. MyURL list_latest (1).png

  2. To edit the destination URL:

    A. Click the destination URL to be updated. destination URL select_latest.png

    B. Make revisions on the destination URL field.

    destination URL edit_latest.png
  3. To edit your TinyURL :

    A. Click on the Pencil icon beside your TinyURL. TinyURL select_latest.png

    B. Make revisions on your TinyURL domain or alias. TinyURL edit_latest.png

Note : You can also manage tags associated with your TinyURLs by clicking on the # section.

  1. Click on Save button to confirm your changes.
Last updated on 5th February 2021

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