How to shorten URLs using your domain

Available through paid subscription plans, you can shorten URLs using a domain or subdomain that you already own. Please ensure that such is unused and not associated with a website, blog, or any published content. All traffic will be sent from your domain to TinyURL servers.

Domain is secured with an SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. You may start using your own domain to shorten URLs after creating them. As changes to your domain name’s DNS can take up to 24 hours to propagate, shortened URLs may not be immediately accessible to everyone.

Add your domain or subdomain

  1. Log-in to your TinyURL account.
  2. Go to Settings and then Branded Domains.
tinyurl_sc_branded domains-a.png
  1. If you want to connect your existing domain, go to BYO Domain and click Setup Domain. For your own subdomain, go to BYO Subdomain and click Setup Subdomain.

  2. Enter your existing domain name or details for the subdomain you want to connect to TinyURL.

own domain shorten URLs smaller.PNG
  1. Click Create Domain to submit your request.

To complete this setup, please ensure that you update the DNS settings of your domain:

Last updated on 2nd August 2023

Please enter a valid email address.

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