Can I import my TinyURLs into my account?

Import TinyURLs and associate them to your account!

How to set your TinyURL profile picture

This article will walk you through how to add or change the profile picture associated with your TinyURL account.

Can I redirect my TinyURL?

If you created a TinyURL with our Legacy Site and you want to update the URL it points to, you can redirect it from the old location to its new location.

How long will my TinyURL be available?

Yes, you can use your TinyURL which will never expire!

What information is captured on my dashboard?

Get popular metrics on your short links like location, devices, frequent times, social media and more.

Can I create a TinyURL with an alias?

Shortened, readable and easy to remember version of your TInyURL!

What is a branded domain?

Build your perfect branded link campaign with custom domain essentials.

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How to edit your TinyURL Links

Manage your TinyURL links through your dashboard

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